The angry soup of an unknown liquid set to boil…

“Over dinner with a neighbour, after listening to an enormous tirade on celebrity, conformity, and the physical impossibility of being anything more than the angry soup of an unknown liquid set to boil… I heard my guest say the most remarkable thing, especially since I know as a fact he has never been to the sea…”

With everybody in the water
No matter how much we wave
The beach is always deserted
And the sea?
The sea is wild.

“You see” he said, “if wrong, we have no saviour, and if right, we have nobody to congratulate us:
In a world of winners there can be no losers;
In a world of performers, there can be no audience.
Brotherhood means destruction;
Difference is life;
The forest…is a lie.”

Of course, I showed him the door.
Sometimes humans can be so negative.

Lucky for me, he left these behind…

Some quite spectacular images I think you’ll agree. I wonder if he wants them back…

John Fulwood.

Images Courtesy of Cancun Museum Subaquatico and Jason deCairies Taylor

Fairytale Farm
© All Rights Reserved 2016


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